Getting married at Chateau de Saint-Girons

The first wedding we hosted was in 1988. Since then, many couples of celebrated their nuptials here.

Up to 110 / 120 people, many married couples celebrate their wedding with a dinner under the 'préau' building. Often more intimate and convivial. The 'préau' is limited to 130 people, including 30 m² of dance floor and a DJ booth. Above 130 people, the dinner will take place outside, meaning that you will need to reserve the option of having a tent (in case it is cold, windy or raining) for those that are careful.

We only organise one wedding per weekend, allowing you to take your time (material delivered on Friday, decorating as of Saturday morning, taking decorations down after the brunch for example and material pickup Monday). 

Up to date calendar on existing weddings / wedding brunches

The agenda below allows you to see weekends that are still available and those that have already been reserved for the season (for any other event and/or outside of the summer season we invite you to get in contact with us) :

- "Occupé" indicates that we are not able to accommodate another event.
- "Evénement non bruyant" indicates that we are able to accommodate an event that is not too noisy (baptism, brunch, professional event etc.)
- if nothing is written, that means that the Chateau is still available and we invite you to get in contact with us.

Claire & David - 80 people - 09/2023

Camille & Lucas - 80 people - 09/2023

Séverine & Franck - 75 people - 08/2023

Maria & Michael - 80 people - 08/2023

Mariage Emilie & Gilles - 160 people - 07/2023

Sophie & Liam - 100 people - 07/2023

Marie & Nicolas - 130 people - 07/2023

Mariage Sophie & Conor - 50 people - 07/2023

Mariage Laura & Benjamin - 80 people - 06/2023

Mariage Camille & Kilian - 100 people - 06/2023