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**No drop-ins possible. Can only list Château with appointment.**


Additional information

  • We do not impose any. caterer, photographer etc. but we can certainly help recommend a few.
  • We recommend the pavilion for a dinner (or lunch) for a wedding of 130 people maximum - ideally 120 to be comfortable (the surface is approximately 165 m² and you have to count 1 m² per person seated (=130 m² which leaves 35 m² for the dance floor and DJ booth - example of set up). 
  • Our maximum capacity is 250 people for a wedding (for events that are not a wedding please contact us for more information).

By telephone

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By email

To best respond, please include the following information:

  •  Date / possible dates (or at least the month desired with the day of the week you wish to have the event)
  •  Type of event: private / professional (type of professional event) and day / night (desired hours if you known ex. 17h- 12am)
  •  Number of guests (please indicate the number if there is a difference between parts of the day/evening - ex: cocktail # then dinner #);
  •  Is it a one day event or over several days? (ex: brunch the day after a wedding, several scenes being filmed);
  •  Are there any particularities or specific needs? (outside ceremony, room to put children to sleep / stock material during reception etc.

For better clarity contact by telephone is preferred.



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Chemin Albert Guigou - 13290 Aix-Les Milles

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